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The Carioca Brazilian Restaurant is an authentic Brazilian steakhouse in Rome which has a copious and varied menu.

The main theme of the menu is Meat – for meat lovers the Carioca is the an authentic Churrasco Steakhouse in Rome open arms… the speciality is of course our Brazilian Style Steaks and Grilled Meat including sausage , chicken etc. This is served on or off the bone or on skewers and is frequently brought round to your table by our team of accomplished and professional waiters. 

As a starter we recommend you indulge in our Mexican Spicy Black bean soup with ham… Ay Carumba !!!

The Carioca Churrasco style restaurant is in the heart of Parioli and as a consequence is host to many VIP dinners and lunches. Many ambassadors from the nearby embassies eat in our elegant restaurant and the menu has been designed to cater for the most discerning of palates.

Take the fish section of our menu and in particular our Sushi for which the fish is delivered daily and painstakingly prepared by our Japanese trained chef – we also specialise in Sicilian delicacies and Crustaceans.

Carioca Restaurant Rome


Finally, our Pizza Oven which is fired up early in the evening and kept on until the early hours means you can enjoy a range of over 15 different types of authentic wood fired Italian Pizza which can be topped off with from Ham “Patanegra al San Daniele” topped of with Fresh Mozzarella which is delivered every 2 days from Battipaglia in Campania the world’s ONLY mozzarella producing region.

Carioca Restaurant Rome


We cater for parties, business functions and anniversaries and we can tailor our menu to suit your needs – simply email us using the contact details below.


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